Hi!! :D I'm Stash, a Poodle :) I'm Playful, joyful, and I'm Always Happy!! :D
Look at my fully wonderful smile :3
And now look at my new smile :) I'm in this state when I'm waiting for a cookie xD
You must know that I love very much playing with balls!! :D I absolutely love when Alex play with me!
LOL Now I look like a Japanese xD
Now I am bringing the ball to Alex :3 Am I so cute?
Hi Folks! Here is  Moppy, one of the best friend of Stash :D <3 Now we must go! Goodbye! See you soon!
Hiiii!! Meowww :D I'm Dragonfly, the naughtiest cat in the world hahahah xD I'm also the Best friend of Stash and of Alex, PURRR!! :DDD
Hello to Everyone! I'm Squitto, a "Japanese Squirrel", I like staying on the branchs; I love eating Apples, walnuts...
Hello, It's me! I'm Cri-Cri! I looove soooo much eating all the day LOL
Hi, here is Groviera :) I like soo much cheese, in facts...
... Now I am going to search cheese :3 YUMMY!!
Hellooo!! I am Mustafa, a mouse in a housee!! OH YEAH!
hello, we are Casey and Poppy, we live forever in the hearts of those who loved us so much :)
Here we gooo :D
I hope you enjoyed ;) Do you wanna go home?
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